The Global Mineral Distribution tool makes data related to the geographic distribution of mineral production and reserves accessible to the public. This data was obtained from the US Geological Survey. The mineral data can be combined with a variety of select human development relevant factors which are associated with supply risk. The tool allows the public to investigate temporal trends of supply-risk factors associated with mineral production and reserves.

> Global Mineral Distribution Tool

> Global Mineral Distribution Data

Solar Demographic Tool

The Solar Demographic tool provides access to collected socio-demographic data (US Census) and the calculated highly suitable area for rooftop and community solar deployment in Erie County, NY by census tracts. Users can display the association of various census variables with each other as well as with solar potential and discover associations. Users can combine up to 4 data dimensions (x-axis, y-axis, point size, point color). This may make users aware of imbalances and empower users with data to work on improving access.

> Solar Usage Demographics Tool

> Community Solar Data

Instruction to Open Data Visualization Tools

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  2. Download the files to your hard drive

  3. Extract files

  4. Click on ‘index.’ The tools will then open in a web browser.