What would it look like if we put social and environmental factors at the forefront of the decision-making framework that guides materials design and manufacturing?

Working Together for Change

With the WNY Environmental Alliance and Blue Sky Design, we are bringing people from across sectors together to design solutions toward an end that none of us could achieve by working in silos.

At CoRE, we want to model a process of engagement with people, organizations and companies that is iterative and can adapt to new science, evolving social and environmental conditions, community impact and the needs of the local and global economy. CoRE works with institutions and companies in Buffalo to transform manufacturing and lay the foundations for developing the factory of the future.

    Building a More Equitable Economy

    Communities can play a key role in creating an economy that — by design — is more regenerative and restorative for all. At CoRE, we are working on a variety of initiatives, including:

    • Investing in clean production programs including the Chemical Footprint Project and the Green Screen for Safer Chemicals 
    • Advancing New York State’s commitment to a low-carbon economy
    • Co-developing entrepreneurial programs for solar industry readiness programs
    • Engaging youth on the frontline of the clean energy economy
    • Contributing to economic vitality and regeneration in distressed neighborhoods in our urban core

    CoRE Change Agent Program

    Our Change Agent Program will provide opportunities to learn about the Clean Energy Economy and the Factory of the Future, including:

    • Thinking systemically
    • Leading from the front lines of social justice and environmental health
    • Re-making the industrial economy
    • Co-creating the Regenerative Economy
    • Placemaking
    • The Participatory Process
    • Change Making
    • Building a new framework for the Factory of the Future

    Click here for more details on CoRE's Change Agent Program.