The Data Engineering Laboratory converts the data associated with aspects of materials design into an interactive framework, providing a joint scientific and educational understanding of materials. To this end, we have developed the Solar Data Hub. This integrates the ‘Safe Manufacturing’ of materials, based on the GreenScreen benchmarking of toxic chemical, with the ‘Solar Demography and Justice’ tracking the usage and availability of materials.

Safe Manufacturing Tool

Based on the GreenScreen benchmarking of data capturing the toxicity across the chemical process and the underlying material chemistry, the use of machine learning approaches has been used to define similarity between materials and define pathways for the design of safer alternative materials.



Solar Demography and Justice Tool

This tool tracks the access in solar panel usage across economic and social cross-sections of the population over time. This interactive tool provides a framework for advocacy, showing the socio-economic barriers to solar energy utilization, while also incorporating chemical safety and availability to better understand the challenges.